Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Once more into the breach...


I've decided to try blogging again after a seven-year hiatus. The last time I blogged it was a technology blog for BEA in conjunction with the publishing of my first WebLogic Server book, Mastering WebLogic Server, in 2003.

Unfortunately, I'm not the technology-chasing type, and my typical advice to people consisted of gems like "stick with what you know," "don't upgrade without a compelling reason," and "avoid using new frameworks or tools for at least 2-3 years." This didn't really jive with the needs of a vendor-sponsored technology blog. Go figure.

This time around I'm going to blog about the topics that interest me: Economics, finances, politics, religion, and perhaps a few others. I may also sneak in an entry or two concerning the design and development of Java enterprise applications, but don't hold your breath.

Why did I choose such a strange name for the blog? You'll just have to "stay tuned" and find out.

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